I've been in KMJ since June, so it's actually 4 month ady and I HAD ZERO IDEA HOW THE F I SURVIVED HERE. and the weirdest shit is I havent post anything abt kmj. So, since we cuti on Sunday and boleh balik bermalam which I didnt, I do actually have some time to post this. 

Ok. KMJ is not a really lux-fancy kind of place, i thinks bcs its old but still convenient tho ((KOT)) Honestly, I do love being in KMJ, I do not have those "homesick" in me. Everytime I said that I wanna go home, it just I dont want my homework bertambah everyday. well yknow, at least being at home there is no lecturers to tambah your kerja. Missing my mom is benda wajib, but I wont crying and ask her to get me out from KMJ. I love to be on my own, I love how you can just be anywhere. 

So, about  my praktikum. We actually reshuffled class before this so I have 2 praktikum which is MD12 and MD23. I love both. I'm in MD12 like a month so there is not enough to tell anything but one thing I know, the people there is really nice and we are really close. So, for my MD23 hm... this is my first class where the boys are crazy, girls are crazy and we are all crazy. HAHAHA masa awal awal I cant adapt with them at all and I miss my old praktikum but day by day everything turns out fine and fun. We started getting close and yeah I love being with them more than MD12 (sorry). Also, this is my first class which idk how to say this but yknow we always break the rules. between lecturers la not KMJ fuhh gila ke. We never hantar lab reports on the due date but the day after and jarang buat tuto. We already kena marah dengan 3 lecturers, and kena silent treatments. and this week and last week is like the worst. First, we kena marah on Tues and Wed bcs tak siap tuto. (last week) and this week we also kena marah again sebab ada yang tak siap tuto yang tak siap last week tu. For chemist, our lecturer just come into the class and sit quietly and get out the class. We were really clueless so we just stay silent and tak minta maaf at all. Then, during lab, our lect tetiba cakap pasal tuto and suruh minta maaf like banyak kali then we realised madam actually marah sebab tuto. But now, everything's okay alhamdulilah but the boys still tak sedar diri lagi. They need more time I guess. 

So PSPM is coming. 40 something days left so wish us luck. I want that 4.0 so baaad, and my class dapat tempat first ke bcs why not? so bye. Need to do my lab report. Bye.

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