Its me.

I've been wondering.. OK FUCK THAT!

I'm here agaaaainnn :'( Obvious kan, I'm here sebab nobody want to dengar my bebelan and rungutan anymore. Sedih la hidup ceni. well. to be clear, i just realised one thing meh, I am now starting to lose my high school friends. NOT ALL. but its enough to make you realised it.

Dude, we dont talk like we used to. Come on. You always ws me first, call out my full name sometimes, and we talk till midnight, our conversation from abcd become ashnjskshbjsk and I laughed to all your stupid and hambar jokes bcs I'm so mudah terhibur then I screenshot our conv. so I can read again and laugh. But now? you're not even read my reply but fcking online and even reply on whatsapp's group. WHAT WAS THAT? WHY? I am clueless. I had zero idea what actually happened. I'm trying to keep my ego, and act like I dont give a fuck but..boy, it hurts meh. well, my ego still high and that's why I'm here.

This might look like I'm desperate or what

but I miss you. I miss your jokes. I miss everytime you ws me first. and last, I miss those time where you never give up to motivate me.

POSTED BY Hafiezah ON Wednesday, 20 April 2016 @ 09:01
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