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Hey. This is an appreciation post for these people ((including those who not coming)). This is a family. My family. RK's family. Idk la how many times kitorang gaduh pasal benda kecik or besar then we end up baik balik and get along with each other again. Its precious you know. 3years kelas sebelah sebelah then another 2years, all sekolah dah lain but here we are. We still have this strong bond. Eventho, I admit kekadang geram or sakit hati, marah dengan most of them sebab semua pandai then sekolah asrama, pastu banyak cakap pasal benda yang budak sekolah biasa ni tak faham. But, after I met them, all those feelings semua hilang, I mean like macam dah tak kisah diorang nak cakap pasal sekolah diorang or not, pasal benda asrama or not, bcs that kept us alive. I do love them actually, how much I hate them, there is this tiny feeling which the strongest I think, makes me love and miss them even more. Bytheway, tbh, I do love going to school masa form1 till form3, and that was because of them. I love meeting them, I love talking to them, I love how it was before. Bcs without them, I lost. And thank god Yuni, Shykin, Aisyah, Nadia, R and Kause, Fitri and Yasmin sekali ofc ada and stay in BRP. So, I'm not completely lost.

Now, thanks. Thanks to all of you who being my friends, close or not, idc, its just an excuse. We are family. Sounds cliche but yeah, I want this fam forever. HAHAHA gila cliche. ok bye. I love you all.

POSTED BY Hafiezah ON Sunday, 27 December 2015 @ 11:45
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