Esh Pi Yem is over
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Alhamdulilah SPM is finally over. CONGRATS 1998. I know that I didnt do well and I actually gave a small effort for this SPM and I also know the probabilty of me getting straight A's is quite low, so I wont put any expectation and hopes too high. Plus, lets tawakal kepada Allah. Bytheway, my birthday also had pass and yaa thanks for all the wishes. I appreciate it thankyou :)

I went through all my old post just now, hahahahaha lawak lah, sebab macam teringat balik benda benda lama and tak matang semua tu. And if u read all my old post, pls ok, dah move on lama dah dari dia ok. However, its fun bila baca balik semua post tu and thank god i did post all of that, if not memang lupa dah semua benda tu then tak sedar diri.

So, i dont know what to say anymore, bye peeps. Nak mockingjay esok hahaha bye

POSTED BY Hafiezah ON Thursday, 3 December 2015 @ 03:35
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