I hate..
Hye. My last post was on November 2014 I guess. Almost 1 year ady. So yeah I kinda miss this blog but I'm hella busy rn. Trial SPM and school's magazine and stuff. I have a lot of stories to share with but if once I start then it wont end till next year.

But my first reason going back to this blog bcs I kinda fuck up with Biology and makes me started to imagine weird stuff like having tall white handsome mix french boyfriends, and singing/acting with popular actor/actress and having rich ass family which gonna find me and told me that I don't have to sit for SPM bcs I need to be a CEO of a big company. HAHA. laugh at myself bcs its not gonna happen.

I want to chill here for a moment bcs i'm tired living my own life. I'm tired facing my own life. I'm fear to live. I dont know maybe my mind just love to mess up so I can be lil crazy.

TBH, i do hate my life. But it didnt mean that i dont appreciate it. I hate how people treat me. I hate how people ignore me. I hate how people tease me and i have to act like I dont mind. I hate how people's word can hurts so much but I need to accept it with a smile. I hate how people makes me look stupid. I hate how my friends rejecting me in front of people. I hate to look happy. I hate how people think I got zero problems. I hate makes people think I'm happy.

I hate everyone but I love to be with 'em bcs I hate being alone.  
POSTED BY Hafiezah ON Sunday, 30 August 2015 @ 08:07
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