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So hey, last thursday we were going to Tropicana Badminton. Kitorang takde la nak hang out macam orang lain and kitorang ramai perempuan, takkan la nak gi main bola macam dakdak laki lain haha so we plan, a simple plan to play badminton. First tempat dia luas. Second, not crowded. Nak dipendekkan cerita senang nak ambik gambar, selfies or whatever.

I love this photo. Idk why but I find it cool yknow. Like seriously, 16 students in 13 different schools in one picture. Eleven schools are boarding school. Can you see my point now? Its pretty hard to be close with the boarding schools' students but we did. We have this spirit that can stick us together. We have this bonds that make us closer and always keep in touch. We'd been through a lot. Arguing, hating each other, perli memerli haha but now, you see, we still like a family. I love them. They are likely my own family. I dont care if i lose my boyfriend, i dont care if I lose thousands people but I dont wanna lose them, not only them, I mean my whole 3RKs'14. yes. I know nothing last forever, but they are my 'nothing' in my heart that will last forever. Thanks Allah for these people that cant be replace with anything. Please keep us closer and succeed in the future coz I know these people are the best people that I've ever known.

byebyeeeee. Takecare and goodluck for exams! xx
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