classmates 14th agosto 2014

I had an amazing incredible great day with 4 science 1 last thursday. First, kitorang main bola tampar w 4sc2 sekali and aless haha lenguh tangan. and after recess 4 period cikgu tak masuk plus me and yuni alr plan to paint our own flag sebab dulu dulu kan form4 ada cat bendera but now dah takde. So instead of painting just like that better main cop tangan rite? At first, those chinese tak tahu kitorang nak buat bendera Malaysia and they just simply paste w blue colour paint at the red one. At that time, rasa down gila and feel like its going to be a disaster but NO. It could be covered and become so beautiful and adorable. After school, we had a small party for Hari Raya at Ayuni's house. Ya Allah serious jujur habis ni best gila! Kitorang buat BBQ and ayuni's mom beli laksa etc. mula mula ashykin and me je yang buat bbq and the others gi makang. Yknow what after kitorang exchange masak tengok tengok laksa dah habis! but nvm Im also full that time haha and while we BBQing, the non muslims helped w the water balloons. The balloons was the small one and its very hard to do. We dont have so much time so we just play it. The water balloon obviously not enough for us then they take out pipe and pail and slush water to people. Best GILA! Then we took photos, eating again and some more. I had a very long conversation w ale and yeah it was really fun to talk to her. Kitorang gelak macam apa je haha

so yeah these all the photos on thursday. 22 out of 30 that coming. Thank you for the fun. Love yahh x

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