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My class, 4Sc1 plan to go a trip to Penang. Honestly, I cant wait and extremely excited. First time okay nak pergi somewhere yang jauh dari Selangor and going with only 23 people exclude teachers. Act, chinese yang plan everything and kitorang just ikut so em maybe kitorang pergi ESCAPE, war museum, interactive museum etc. ESCAPE is a place like adventure activities macam flying fox, bungee jump. agak seram tapi still tak sabar nak pergi. second, that war museum. top 10 scariest place in the Asia. repeat. ASIA not Malaysia. But thank god joseph cakap those ghost ada after five thirty only. so obv we'll going at noon hahaha This plan still belum diofficialkan bcoz of the paper work and stuff. but lets wish we get the approval from pn norha and ppd. bye.

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