By by i'm die

Hey. Today is alr 30th March and tomorrow will be 31st March and school will be starting. urghhh need to start my routine again and again and again and guess what? Mid Year exam is less than 30 days. Shut. I need to study from now but haih so lazehh meh. zz and heeyyy harini semua dak dak asrama dah kembali ke sekolah diorang,  but Ilman alr went pagi tadi :/ Jujur agak sedih dak asrama nak balik dah seems Hakim not going to ask me to stay motivated everyday haih :/ but no worry, I'll try my best. ^^v and last night was like my dream comes true sebaaaabb Ilman em he treat me in a dfifferent way, I means like last year, when we still together hehe <3

act, idk what to post tonight even this is my last post for March and I wont have a time to post anything in April. Whatever. bye.

Jangan revolve sangat dengan hidup dia.
Try ignore dia sikit
Sebab biasanya kalau lelaki tu tahu yang perempuan tu memang dia punya
Dia tak takut sangat, buat apa2 je
Focus on the other stuff
And don't let the past be the reason for the pain of the present :)
Memories are like weights, they only burden you if you hold on

This is what Hakim told me last two nights and he said "kalau motivated untuk 1 malam je takleh tau, so stay motivated, okay?" and yeahh I will. :) Thank you, Hakim. I wont forget your words. You're my best guy friend ever. Ily <3

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