Tears Falling.


My tears falling. I need a hug or at least you shoulder, can? haha. :') K bergurau je. Erm. Actually, I just miss my friends. easy to talk my classmate lah. 2RK1? yess. They are the best classmate that i've ever had. seriously kay. Before this? ermm. not bad lah but can't beat 2RK1. hahaha. Actually, we just have a 20 person there. Sikit right? tapi sebab sikit lah we feel like we are family. A happy Family with two heroes and 18 heroins. And the best mother, Puan Aziah. ahaks. haha. 2RK1 doesnt have any drama like other class do, we just enjoy our day. And sometimes we make a group and discuss something. best, okay? try lah buat. hahaha. We just susun meja and then duduk, bincang lah anything, kutuk kutuk cikgu ke. hahaha. takde kerja kan. actually, more on gossips lah. heh. normal la 18 orang girls kan. :p pity to Hakim and Haziq. see. our heroes start their name with 'H'. tengok ah macam nama siapa. :p hahaha. Also, our class mean 2RK1 doesnt have any class. serious talk. our class should be at 'dewan' yang ada pentas tu. Over special kan? hahaha. so, when ade event pape kitorang akan pindah pindah. selalu nye kat makmal lah. then, bila class lain nak guna makmal kitorang kena pindah lagi. :') sumpah penat. That's why kitorang suka pancing teachers. hahaha. When teacher suruh buat kerja je, kitorang bagi alasan penat cari kelas lah and bla bla bla.  hahaha. kitorang ni pemalas senanye. :p eh? macam kelas lain tak je. haha. k. Sifat pemalas tu semua orang ade kan? :) Now, Everything's over. We've done our job as RK-ians. :'D So, we just need to wait our results either Buang RK or turun RK2 sahaja. :')

K thaat's all. bye. xx

POSTED BY Hafiezah ON Monday, 10 December 2012 @ 10:38
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