An update
Em ok.


The last time I posted anything here is masa I kat matriculation lagi and nowwww I'm in second semester of degree. I did want to post somthing masa first sem like yknow just to update about my degree life then I dont know what happen, I stop at the middle of paragraph and that post end up being a draft. So yeah here's the new one.

My roommate constantly remind me of having a blog but to be honest this blog is more likely my personal update instead of lifestyle or tutorials like other bloggers did. I'm not those bloggers. But honestly, I do want to be like them.Sorry. I did. When I first started this whole bloggy thang I rajin la pergi blog walking, comment post orang, join giveaways then I'll be very excited kalau followers naik like no jokes bruh, followers kat blogger memang susah nak dapat. So, I respect all those famous bloggers. Oh yaa dulu my blog banyak gak pasal hal terkini but based on what I read on twitter la not those serious news la HAHAHA I'm a kid ok.

Enough with the past, those days are dead. I try to make up with the new ones. I'm not looking back anymore like those highschool days. I dont understand how ramai orang rindu sekolah because I'm not?? Tapi sebab takut orang judge then I'll just "ha ah I miss schools too" LOL. I'm not. Maybe I don't do a lot of fun things like other people well idk. While we are talking about highschools, I do want to admit the fact that I am NOT very good at keeping in touch, Seriously. I dont know how people can still take with their highschool friends almost everyday??? How guys?! Tell me! We barely whatsapp pon, reply reply story or twitter tu ada la tapi tu kejap je. Orang lain macam penuh la ws diorang. I je sunyi but I'm okay tho. I dont really give a damn about anything anymore.

I think imma go to sleep now because my class starts tomorrow. So, bye!

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